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Our Services

Michael Argiro is committed to his clients and their interests. He and his team provide their clients with a variety of financial planning services, such as:

  • Getting your Financial House In Order: We will go through a simple checklist and a step by step process to get your finances, balance sheet, and budgeting process organized
  • Customized financial planning services: We diversify assets through the utilization of various professional money managers
  • Investment X-Ray: We provide a true snapshot of holdings in order to avoid duplication in investment management
  • Risk Tolerance: We create customized portfolios based upon individual preferences regarding risk
  • Wealth Management Technology: Asset accumulation and asset distribution programs to meet specific goals.
  • Insurance Financial Planning: Disability, Life Insurance, and Long-Term-Care Insurance
  • Preparing for Retirement: Customized retirement income flow projection for how to retire to meet your individual needs.
  • Review and Advisory services

Wouldn't you like to be the recipient of such care? If so, please contact Michael Argiro today at (203) 269-7144.